PR for Authors

Publicity for Book Authors

Most publishers don’t have the resources to promote every book that they publish.  Therefore, it’s often up to you to generate publicity about your latest offering.
Publicity is an important promotional tool because it generates valuable third-party credibility and endorsement.
There are thousands of blogs, websites, newspapers and magazines (and their online editions), social media sites as well as TV and radio shows that may be interested in you and your book.

Our services:

Anderson & Associates Public Relations has many years of experience generating publicity for its clients, including many nonfiction book authors. Our services include:
-         Strategy about where to get publicity
-         Drafting a story (news release) about your book
-         Editing a news release that you have written
-         Researching media outlets and creating a master media list, and sending the release to these outlets
-         Contacting TV and radio program producers to set up interviews

Costs start at $250, depending on the scope of the publicity project.




Anderson & Associates helped the author/illustrator to have a successful launch of her book by generating publicity in local print publications and setting up TV and radio interviews.

"I Live in Denver" Written and illustrated by Elizabeth Nelson

This book offers a whimsical view of Denver's most cherished landmarks.


Anderson & Associates helped raise visibility for the launch of "The Vision, The Struggle" generating publicity in local print publications and setting up TV and radio interviews.


Metropolitan State College of Denver opened its doors in 1965, a time in the history of our country filled with political strife and civil unrest. The Vision, The Struggle tells the story of an idea conceived by men and women who desired to provide a college education to the previously underserved populations in Denver. It chronicles the long, bitter and difficult struggle to turn that vision into reality, an effort that in many ways emulated the bigger battles being played out across America. Bowen not only recounts the conflict to open Metro, but he provides a unique insight into the philosophical debate behind its very existence. Using the music of the 1960's and explaining events in the context of that decade, we are able to grasp the relevance of those times. Throughout this book, Mr. Bowen demonstrates how history can both entertain and enlighten. To glimpse a unique view of Denver’s role in a turbulent moment in our nation’s history, The Vision, The Struggle is a must-read.