Expert articles

Let us create a series of "expert articles" where you describe new advancements in your field. Educate your core audience by providing valuable information needed by your prospects. We routinely place these articles in the local newspapers, business journals, or your E-lectronic Newsletter. These "Reprints" can also be used for handouts and direct mailers.

 Brochures, Sales Collateral

We can create attention-grabbing, colorful brochures and other informational materials for your key target audiences. These materials can be printed in the quantities needed, or posted on your website in an easily-updated format.

Media Research

A wide variety of possibilities exist for "getting" your message out. By performing media research in your area we can discuss the possibilities and together define the most appropriate location to place your expert articles, advertising, etc.

E-Mail Marketing

Use a professional E-mail Newsletter in conjunction with your contact list to keep your name in front of prospects. Our implementation allows you to log in to an online interface to view statistics about each issue. In particular, determine which topics generate the most interest in your prospects. 

Referral  Program

Does your business receive referrals from associates? This is a prime area for getting the word out about your services. We can design a professional marketing piece that informs your associates about your services.